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Safeguarded File Pro – Methods to Securely Give and Get Tax Records Directly From Your Clients

Secure data file pro is known as a web web destination that allows you to firmly send and receive taxes documents directly from the clients. Consumers simply diagnostic scan W2s, 1099s or different tax records to PDF FILE and publish them to the secure data file exchange.

Improve document collection and get rid of the complications associated with collecting files coming from clients by using email. The frequent back and forth of following up with messages can be a pain, but if you make use of secure record pro to collect documents from clients they are really stored in a safe, secured place until you need them.

Collect data using a straightforward drag and drop software, that syncs with the cloud storage you use for keeping files. You could also set up automated reminder and thank you emails, letting the clients find out you’ve received their data files without the need to follow up with you your self.

Create client intake varieties, PBC audits and more with File Need Pro’s simple drag & drop upload pages which can be easy for the clients to use and rarely require them to register or perhaps download anything. You can even recycle your file upload page for different customers, minimising enough time it takes to create individual publish forms per.

Protect hypersensitive files having a secure record drop off that encrypts, password protects and saves the files immediately. This secure, cloud-based solution is good for loan representatives, CPAs and other professionals exactly who frequently ought to receive and promote remarkably sensitive consumer documents.

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